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Advisory Boards

  1. Advisory Board Application

    Advisory Board Application, Advisory Board Form, Apply for an Advisory Board

  1. Teen Council Advisory Board Application

Community & Economic Development

  1. Miramar Community Garden

    To receive information about becoming a member of the Miramar Community Garden, please complete this form so that a representative can... More…

  1. Our Community Appearance Board (CAB) Awards Program

    The purpose of these awards is to provide opportunities for the CAB to recognize individual properties, businesses, and collaborative... More…

Construction and Facilities Management

  1. Construction Permit Application Form

    This application form is submitted after the final engineering plans are approved and before a pre-construction meeting is scheduled.

  1. Site Work Permit Application Form

    This application form is submitted by the Developer after the perimeter plat has been approved by the Commission.

Cultural Affairs

  1. Banquet Hall Renter Inquiry Form
  2. School Participation Form 17-18

    School Participation Form for field trips

  1. Miramar Cultural Affairs Volunteer Application

    Thank you for your inquiry into the volunteer program at the Miramar Cultural Center/ArtsPark. Volunteering in the Arts not only bring... More…

  2. Theater Renter Inquiry Form

Police Department

  1. Contact Us
  2. Press Release Distribution List
  3. Vacation Patrol Request
  1. Detail Form

    Please fill out this form completely to help us serve you in a more timely fashion.

  2. Submit a Code Violation

    This form is used for the general public to report code compliance violations.


  1. Disparity Study

    The City of Miramar has hired MGT Consulting to conduct a disparity study. In this study, MGT Consulting will evaluate the utilization... More…

  1. Gift Reimbursement/Receipt Form

Water Billing

  1. Water Billing Customer Service Form

    If you have questions concerning your water bill, please fill out our Customer Service Form and we will promptly get back to you.