Online Permitting

Follow the steps below when submitting an Online Permit Application:

Step One

Locate the Parcel ID (or Folio Number) for your property on the Broward County Property Appraiser website (; note it for use during step 4.  If you cannot locate your Parcel ID on the BCPA website, please contact us here Step One Step One

Step Two

Click the project type from the following list of instructions and prepare all requested documents from the checklist PRIOR to beginning your online application.  Note: Not all project types are available online.

Application DescriptionCodeProject Type/Instructions
Fence (Residential Only)B300Fence
Residential Driveway/Slab/PaverB320Slab, Driveway and Paving
Accessory/Utility StructuresB336Shed
Residential RoofingB390Roofing
Electrical WorkB410Service Change
Plumbing WorkB420Sewer Tie-in
Mechanical WorkB430A/C Change Out
Screen EnclosureB460Screen Enclosure
Doors & Windows (Residential Only)B480Doors & Windows
Canopies/Awnings (Residential Only)B540Awnings
GeneratorB570Electrical Generator
Lien Search (Regular Service Only)
Lien Search   Please upload Request Form
If you would like to submit any of the following, please email here.  
  • Re-Works/Corrections (Responses to Building staff comments) - Please include application reference number.
  • Revisions -  Please include permit number and Revision Cover Sheet.
  • Shop Drawings - Please include Master permit number if it is part of a larger project.
  • Sub permits - Please include Master permit number if it is part of a larger project.

Step Three

Complete and notarize any of the following forms/applications that apply to the project type; save them as PDFs to be uploaded with your online application (Step 4):

Permit Application
for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Other 
Homeowners Association (HOA) Affidavit
Roofing Uniform Application
Service Upgrade Diagram

Step Four


IMPORTANT: After your application is submitted, you must upload all supporting documents when prompted.  All incomplete applications (missing supporting documents) will delay the process.

Start your Online Application here.  Once the webpage opens, select the project type from the list and then type in your Parcel ID (no spaces) to identify the location for the proposed project.  

  • Please have ALL documents ready to upload at the time you submit, you will not be able to get back into the application to upload once it times out.