Art in Public Places

Traffic Light Boxes Mural Contest

The City of Miramar will wrap digital versions of artworks on traffic signal boxes throughout the City. The goal is to add an aesthetically pleasing element to transform a traffic signal box into a piece of art. 

Learn more about the contest and submission guidelines here.

Click here to submit entries to the Traffic Box Mural Contest.


Art in Public Places - Flyer

This map locates 3 public art commissions located in the City of Miramar. All 3 pieces have been commissioned by Broward County Cultural Division’s Public Art and Design Program in compliance with the City of Miramar Land Code Ordinance. Explore each one to discover more about these unique site-specific artworks. Take the time to:

  • Enjoy the various photos.
  • Explore the various sections.
  • Read about the Art Concept and the Artist Biographies.