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Jun 07

Unilatina International College answers... Why Miramar?

Posted on June 7, 2019 at 6:37 PM by Shalima Mohamed

Unilatina - MarcelaMoyana


Focus on entrepreneurial, holistic education draws students from around the globe

Unilatina International College (UIC), located in the Miramar Park of Commerce, is a microcosm of the City of Miramar—international, culturally diverse, and vibrant. This family-owned private college offers associate and bachelor degree programs in business, travel & tourism, and communications & media—all with a unique focus on entrepreneurship. Its Unilatina Language Institute offers an English as a Second Language diploma program, as well as TOEFL preparation courses, and intensive English and Spanish programs. UIC attracts students from around the world -- Bangladesh, Romania, Albania, Vietnam, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia among others, and local students from Miramar -- who are drawn to its unique holistic approach to education, its entrepreneurial curriculum focus and its dynamic Miramar location.

Founded in 2000 by Lydia and her husband, Alberto Moyano Ferrer, who passed away in 2004, Lydia and her four daughters have worked to carry on the legacy of his holistic approach to education—a full mind/spirit/body curriculum that includes classes in yoga, tai chi, and healthy living.

“The holistic approach goes beyond the traditional classroom, and nourishes the emotional, intuitive and physical needs of the student,” said Marcela Moyano, Ed.D, Communications, Marketing and Media Director for UIC. “Our model of holistic education allows students to expand their capacity to ‘think outside the box,’ and gives them the foundation to become entrepreneurs, be part of the labor market, or increase their language skills.”

Unilatina partners with the City of Miramar to host their Entrepreneurial Hour Conference, an annual event that focuses on topics such as future of business, team building, networking and success stories from entrepreneurs. Proceeds from the event benefit a scholarship fund to help Miramar students attend UIC. “We have also worked with the Community Garden staff and the Police Department on various programs,” said Marcela. “It’s a wonderful community to be a part of—Miramar is such a perfect fit for us, and our students.”

UIC is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, and its future plans include achieving certification to add online and master degree programs. For more information, visit


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